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Monthly Newsletter

December 2012 Newsletter from Kingsgate Health

With Christmas just around the corner, here are some articles that are worth reading over the festive period. Some of you will not have been able to access the links to articles published in the Times. Earlier this year the newspaper decided to make a charge for viewing the Times online. Most noteworthy subjects appear in all the dailies, some better written than others but the basic message is the same. This month’s articles all come from the Daily Mail.

All Times articles have been removed, so if you see one on your computer it is looking at the old pages. Click on the ‘refresh’ button on your screen to get the latest pages. The refresh button is a circular arrow or similar on most browsers

GM food appears twice and draws attention to the widespread use of pesticides and sprays on the crops. It would appear the Russian scientists have made their own minds up on the subject and persuaded their government to ban corn from the USA. I gave up using Roundup three years ago. There are other effective weed killers on the market.

If you see an interesting article on healthy eating or maintaining good health (not in the Times!), feel free to e mail us at info@phyto-power.co.uk 




In brief

Daily Mail

06 October 2012

Get your greens: Broccoli and cabbage among vegetables that cut cancer risk

Yet another pointer to the health benefits of eating your greens

Daily Mail

25 September 2012

Russia suspends import and use of American GM corn after study revealed cancer risk

Our own research raised question marks about the weedkiller Roundup. Do not use it.

Daily Mail

25 September 2012

Howzat? Former England batsman claims MISTLETOE injections cured cancer that should have killed him five years ago

And you thought mistletoe was only useful at Christmas time!

Daily Mail

14 November 2012

Pesticides used on fruit and vegetables 'may be putting young children at risk of cancer'

How many more studies like this do we need before action is taken to ban certain agrochemicals?

Daily Mail

28 October 2012

The 8 foods everyone over 40 should eat: Tomatoes, cherries and oats - the diet essentials for the 40-plus club

Positive advice and reasons the over 40’s should eat certain foods.

Daily Mail

02 October 2012

How GM crops have increased the use of danger pesticides and created superweeds and toxin-resistant insects

We need less pesticides, not more.

Daily Mail

17 October 2012

The cheat’s way to get your five-a-day - just sprinkle a powder on your cereal

Phyto-power products contain freeze dried fruit too.

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