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Why a Mediterranean diet 'protects against all major diseases'

Cancer risk 'not changing habits'

Green tea extract could help to fight leukaemia

Why vegetarians have lower risk of cancer, but weaker bones

A cancerous conspiracy to poison your faith in organic food

The simple diet that can fight arthritis and Alzheimer's disease

My doctors aren't convinced - but I believe green tea cured my cancer




Don't feel guilty about eating meat

How that 'healthy' fruit juice could give you liver failure- or worse

Eating oily fish once a week slashes prostate cancer risk

How walnuts may help to prevent cancer, the benefits of running in water and a potential new schizophrenia treatment

Liquorice revealed as latest weapon in battle to beat cancer

Eat up your crusts, they really are good for you

Why eating popcorn is good for your health

How the quintessential English delicacy watercress is under threat from cheap and tasteless foreign imports

Extra virgin olive oil could prevent Alzheimer's disease

Mistletoe cures woman's cancer after she shuns chemotherapy

Snacking on walnuts 'helps to prevent prostate cancer'


Food Science


Obesity raises risk of ovarian cancer

Revealed: The 20 'functional foods' you should be eating for a long and active life

Good news for tea lovers: Drinking two cups a day can 'help ward off ovarian cancer'

An apple a day helps beat breast tumours, scientists say

Eating mushrooms daily 'may cut breast cancer risk by two thirds'

Don't cut up your carrots: Boiling them whole increases their anti-cancer benefits

An apple a day is 'even more important for a healthy diet', say scientists

Food watchdog calls for folic acid in all bread


5 a day


Only 12% of Britons meet 'five a day' target for fruit and veg

The boy with 11 tumours who was sent home to die... and survives after grandparents' alternative therapy treatments

A quarter of bowel cancer cases could be prevented with healthier lifestyle: research

Cancer just down to genes 'is a myth', warn scientists

Vegetarian diet 'can cut risk of cancer by 45 per cent'

Wine, veg and little meat 'a recipe for long life'

You may be eating the WRONG five-a-day fruit and veg, doctors say




Why the humble mushroom is being hailed as a superfood

Mushroom 'shrinks cancer tumours by 75 per cent'

Healthy Eating

Food Additives


Additive may increase cancer risk, says study


Dark Fruits


Berry berry good for you... The superfruits that boost healing and help ward off disease

Purple 'super tomato' that can fight against cancer

Blueberries 'reverse memory loss'

Purple sweet potato 'new superfood to prevent cancer'

GM crops: Anger as leading scientists call for push on Frankenfoods

Health news: A berry good way to fight cancer and a new drug to treat gout




Can broccoli cure cancer?

Broccoli reduces risk of prostate cancer

In praise of ... broccoli

Extracts of broccoli and cabbage mixed with those from Brazil nuts used to fight cancer

Eat broccoli every day for two months to help prevent stomach cancer, scientists claim

Eating broccoli 'protects the lining of arteries'

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